More customizable front page

Dear colleagues!

Can i make a little proposal for the next milestone if possible?

More customizable front page from the OJS administrative panel.

For now, to hide the current issue from the front page we need to cut a piece of code from pages/index/ (lines 62-66… )
By default, it is displayed, and this is the only way to solve the problem. Although many users need to display information about the journal at the very beginning of the main page.

It would be very convenient if there were such options (checkboxes) in the settings (Settings >>> Website >>> Appearance):

  1. Show/Hide Current issue after Additional Content
  2. Show/Hide issues from Arcive after Additional Content (0-0 items) like in announcements

Thanks for the support!

You can simply do all thia from a child theme templates. There is no need to edit the controller or any othet part of a core code.

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@Vitaliy, unfortunately, I could not find such settings in the OJS administration panel (default theme and manuscript). And also i have tried to find such code in directory for default theme
but also unsuccessfully :frowning:
so had to cut from core pages/index/

if possible, can you explain in more detail how to implement these settings without cutting core code?

Many thanks! Sincerely.

You can look here:
and here

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You can also take a look how I coded own theme:


@Vitaliy, Thank you so much!
Themes are really great ! … :slight_smile: