Monitoring eventual external services' problems (Crossref, Doaj)

Hi, in a platform with 50+ journals, sometimes some DOIs results in “Not registered” or “Failed” status, but they are missed for different reasons until we do not manually check or crossref send a report.

We would find a way to monitor such problems (an other could be articles sent to DOAJ) from the UI (i.e. not having direct access to db or logs) e for all the journals in the platform.

We were able to use APIs to recover OJS current issue DOIs and checking there presence in Crossref (using crossref APIs), but we would like to know if someone has a better solution (a plugin?) or is possible to extend APIs to cover such needs, or something else.

We use OJS 3.2.1-4 and OMP 3.1.2-4.

Best regards