Modifying the text on Step 2 and Step 4 Submission?

I want to add some more text in the Step 2 and Step 4 Submission steps. Is someone knows what I have to do?

Hi @vebaev, this text block is controlled by the localization variable ##author.submit.supplementaryFilesInstructions##. The best way to change this would be:

  1. Log in as journal manager and go to ...ojs/index.php/journal-title/manager (by clicking on the manager role label in your user home.
  2. Click on “System Plugins”, then “Generic Plugins”.
  3. On that page, search for “Custom Locale Plugin”. If it is not enabled, click “enable”. Anyway, click on the “Customize” link to proceed.
  4. Select the locale you’d like to change and click “edit”.
  5. Then, you need to know which localization file the variable is in. You can do that by doing a search through the github repo (might not find everything) or use grep on your server’s command line. The file you are looking for is locale/[language_key]/author.xml. Click “edit” next to that file in the listing.
  6. Enter the localization variable without the hashtags in the search box at the top of the page: author.submit.supplementaryFilesInstructions
  7. The next page will show the variable you are looking for, possibly amongst others, so you might need to scroll a bit to find it.
  8. Next to the variable, there are two fields, one with the default text for that localization and one for your customization. Enter the new text in the “Custom Text” box and click “Save and continue” to apply the modification.

This will change the text for the current journal. It is also possible to change the locale file itself, which will apply to the entire installation and would be overwritten with an update, so that’s not recommended.


Thanks! I have managed to change the text in Step 4 for the supplementary files.

However I cannot find where is the text for the Step 2 (enumerated with 1,2,3,4,5 as in the picture below) in all the author.xml (

I found it, it was in locale.xml