Modify registration page ojs

Hello, I need to know the route to modify this section (registration).

This is the url:

Thank you!

The URL is formed as base_url / index.php / journalShortname / routingPath.

The routingPath corresponds to a page handler in the framework. For example, user/register is:

So, then we look at

Note that this imports a form via import('classes.user.form.RegistrationForm'), so you’ll find a lot of the code there:

You’ll find the templates here:

For example, the display of the template ($templateMgr->display('user/registerSite.tpl')) calls:

Thanks for your help , but in particular I want to change part of this framework in yellow text .

If you just want to change the text, this can be done by using the Translator plugin or Custom Locale plugin. Both are Generic plugins.
User Home → Journal Manager → System Plugins → Generic Plugins

The Translator plugin will operate on the Site level, the Custom Locale plugin on the Journal level.

The locale file is: locale / localeName / locale.xml and the key is “user.orcid.description”.

Thank you very much, your last answer I have solved the issue.