Missing timestamp in e-mails in Activity log

Hi everyone, first time posting here.

After searching in the forum, I do not see any reference to this. We have migrated recently from OJS 2 to OJS
Lots of improvements but we are missing something that was very useful in editorial discussions with authors and reviewers. E-mails sent by the editor, the reviewers or the authors are not timestamped (or at least that is not visible in the Activity log), and only have the date. Is there a way to make the sending time visible?

I have been reading about the issues with the time zone of the timestamps (Per-User Timezone) but here I am referring to the fact that they do not appear.

When you post your question give as much detail as possible, including the following:

To be honest, I can only see timestamps in a couple of places, like in the Editor’s decision.

Anyone could help? Thanks!

I actually had the same request from one of our editors and I said it couldn’t be done. Your question made me look again.

The Activity Log you mention uses date_format_short in config.inc.php. By default, that’s “%Y-%m-%d” to be only 10 characters wide. Changing this will have a global effect. I tried on a test OJS installation and changing date_format_short wraps to a second line in Activity Log. It looks bad, but that may be worth it to you for the extra information.

In the file:
date_format_short = “%Y-%m-%d”
date_format_short = “%Y-%m-%d %I:%M %p %Z”

Use this for a reference about what the % values mean:

A more-serious change might involve code in:
and using datetime_format_short instead.

Watch out for:

Thanks maifeld! Do you happen to have a screenshot of how it looks? Just to be sure of what we are getting into.
It seemed very weird to me that such a basic feature has been lost form OJS2 to OJS3.

Beware, this may not be the only place that date_format_short is used.