Missing Link on OJS/Wordpress Plugins Page


The link this Google Doc on the attached screenshot of page from your website does not work. Please provide correct link.


Hi Perry,

Unfortunately it looks like that document is no longer available. It was written by a previous developer who no longer works with us, and he may have taken it down. I think the information in it (including any plugins that previously existed) was probably very much out of date. Matt’s plugin for Wordpress can be found here: GitHub - mcrider/ojs-import: Wordpress plugin for importing JSON data from an Open Journal Systems journal using the OJS 'REST' plugin (https://github.com/mcrider/rest) but it’s 3 years old at this point, and probably doesn’t work. I’d recommend investigating the other options listed in the wiki page. I’ll put a note up stating that Option 1 is out of date.