Missing galley's doi when Exporting DOI

In DOI pluggin, I chose to set doi to issue, article, and galley.
I managed to view the doi galley when user click on the article page (so there are two doi, i.e. article doi and galley doi on article page).
But, when I tried to export the metadata using Crossref export, I found out that the xml only contains doi of issue and doi of articles. Could anyone help me how to make sure that the doi of galleys show up in crossref xml data. Here is an example where the doi of galley is missing.

I have a feeling that CrossRef only registers issues and articles - not single galley files? I could be wrong.

I’m not sure. Because the requirements for galley’s doi on ojs article came from iParadigm. I need to report the galley’s doi because our journal would like to be included in iThenticate database (which owned by iParadigm). iParadigm requires galley’s doi because its database is based on doi database from crossref.

Hi @karnova

It is true, that OJS Crossref export only considers article as main object. All the other cases (only issues or galleys) are very rarely, so that this was not high priority for us to consider. I’ll see with the others in team what do they think about it…


I guess the reason why I thought that no full text article galleys are accepted is this:

“Crossref identifiers (DOIs) must resolve to a landing page that you maintain”

Besides that article components are mentioned, but that seems to mean supplementary files:

I stress, that I have no better knowledge of this!

Thank you for the information. I’ll try to consult crossref on how to format an xml exported file that includes galley’s doi and add the tag manually.

Hi @karnova

Could you then also let us know, what did you have to do?

Thanks a lot!

I finally solve the problem. I change the code of article.tpl and change the targeted link, instead of going to view the article page of pdf , the link directly view the pdf (download).

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did you discuss the issue with crossref?

HĂ­ @karnova
In what version of OJS do you work?
Can you tell me in what files the changes were made and what were their changes?
I would be very grateful.