Missing Galley block OJS

Hi everybody!

we are testing version and in the “Production” tab there is no longer a “Galley” block under the “Production discussions” block, which was available in previous versions (3.x.x), as you can see in this video from PKP school:

(from minute 3:41 to 6:05)

Module 9 Production – PKP School

I am wondering if it is a bug in my installation (following screenshot) or on the contrary it is a decision made by the PKP team to remove this block.

admin Fisrt article proof

So without this block, I can figure two options for the layout editor:

  1. Upload the galleys in the “Publication” tab > “Galleys” but it doesn’t allow to attach the galley to the discussion with the author and editor to proofread it.

  2. Upload the galleys in the “Production Ready Files” block, which does allow the attach the galley to the discussion, but which is conceptually incorrect, since the Production Ready Files should only contain the files to be laid out.

Any comment or suggestion?
Thank you!

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The galleys have been moved under the Publication tab so that they can be versioned along with other published material. Galleys can be downloaded for review by authors and any editor or assistant assigned to the Production stage.

When creating a discussion in the Production stage, it is not possible to select a galley file to be attached to the discussion. You will need to download the file and then upload it to the discussion. However, this has not changed between OJS 3.1.2 and OJS 3.2.1.