Missing article cover


During the import process using the fullJournalTransfer plugin i received the following error:

ojs2 has produced an error
  Message: WARNING: copy(/srv/http/ojs48/files/fullJournalImportExport/public/cover_article_58_pt_BR.doc): failed to open stream: Arquivo ou diretório não encontrado
  In file: /srv/http/ojs48/lib/pkp/classes/file/FileManager.inc.php
  At line: 152
  Server info:
   OS: Linux
   PHP Version: 5.6.21
   Apache Version: N/A
   DB Driver: mysql
   DB server version: 10.1.13-MariaDB

Looking at the exported journal.xml:
<setting name="fileName" type="string" locale="pt_BR">cover_article_58_pt_BR.doc</setting>

Inside an article session, that is, i believe somehow somebody did insert a doc file as the article cover and then deleted from the server. But this all seems very strange, like what happened to the original file?

Could anybody help me on removing the link between this missing file and the article, can i remove it as the editor and where should i look for it (i didn’t know ojs had support for article covers)?

Also, the mentioned article is not published.

I suspect (despite the name) that this is really just an article galley. See:

If you want to correct it in the original system, look for it under the usual location for galley files, under User Home → Editor → (select a submission) → Editing.

Hi @ctgraham,

I couldn’t find any file that wouldn’t open or has the same name as cover_article_58_pt_BR.doc

Could this be a problem anywhere else or that i’m looking at the wrong place?

Also, this can be useful for finding the file:

<article> <oldId>58</oldId> <locale>pt_BR</locale> <userId>207</userId> <sectionId>11</sectionId> <language>pt</language> <commentsToEditor></commentsToEditor> <dateSubmitted>2011-04-06 21:41:53</dateSubmitted> <dateStatusModified>2012-06-21 15:12:18</dateStatusModified> <lastModified>2012-06-21 15:12:18</lastModified> <status>0</status> <submissionProgress>0</submissionProgress> <currentRound>1</currentRound> <submissionFileId>273</submissionFileId> <revisedFileId>434</revisedFileId> <reviewFileId>275</reviewFileId>

The file which its ID=273 is 58-273-1-SM.doc and i can open that file, i have no idea what is happening.

Thanks for your help!

Is the line in question:

<setting name="fileName" type="string" locale="pt_BR">cover_article_58_pt_BR.doc</setting>

A part of the <article> element you reference above?

You might want to try drawing in the Lepidus developers on this conversation.

Yes it is, the xml tree is something like:


2011-04-06 21:41:53
2012-06-21 15:12:18
2012-06-21 15:12:18

artigo utfpr.doc


I’m sending this thread to one Lepidus developer.

Hi @ctgraham and @samueloph

From what I see the issue @samueloph is experiencing is not while exporting a journal, but at importing. Is this correct, @samueloph?

I suspect the problem is indeed a missing file at the public folder of the original OJS install.

While importing a Journal, the plugin will rename the covers’ files to update the article ID with the new one. See:

I believe that the cover file is indeed missing and, therefore, the warning while importing.

You can remove the cover at

/editor/viewMetadata/article id

Best regards,

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Yes, you are right.

That’s exactly what i needed, i didn’t know where to find the reference to that file.
I wonder how a .doc file was uploaded in a field that should only allow image files, maybe somethings wrong with the MIME types on the server, but anyway.

We are proceeding to inform the editor of this and wait for his/her decision.

I hope OJS will let me delete a non-existent file, considering it could just fail saying that the file is not found and keep its reference on the database. I will post a follow up here as soon as we conclude the removal.