Migration of OJS

How to migrate ojs 2.3.4 to ojs 2.4.7 including database

Upgrading from lower version to an upper version must be done step by step, first please, please, please take a back up of all your files from both ojs and database as well. Similarly Export all your articles and journals and then go for upgrade.

Take a look over these links (database upgrading is also given in it)




@abraham.john, since the question references 2.4.7 as the upgrade target, be sure to switch the git “branch” to “ojs-stable-2_4_7” when adding the GitHub link. This will grab the 2.4.7 UPGRADE doc instead of the the master (3.x) UPGRADE doc.

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Ok @divya24 please follow the link given by our Leader @ctgraham while you use GitHub. and thanks @ctgraham for correcting me.

Thanks to both of u.