Migration and upgrade of OJS

Due to security issues, our journal has been deleted from the university server. We are using OJS version 2.3.6-0.

We have a backup of the folder from the server and the database. However, we are experiencing difficulties in running the journal on a local server, specifically with the index page.

We have modified the config.inc.php as follow:

; General Settings ;


; Set this to On once the system has been installed
; (This is generally done automatically by the installer)
installed = On

; The canonical URL to the OJS installation (excluding the trailing slash)
base_url = ""

; Database Settings ;


driver = mysql
host = localhost
username = root
password = *********
name = averroes

; File Settings ;


; Complete path to directory to store uploaded files
; (This directory should not be directly web-accessible)
; Windows users should use forward slashes
files_dir = files

; OAI Settings ;


; Enable OAI front-end to the site
oai = On

; OAI Repository identifier
repository_id = “ojs.localhost”

Please find below a screenshotof frpm phpmyadmin

The journal files were placed in the local server in the following route:

Could you please provide guidance on resolving this issue?

Thanks in advance


You haven’t specified exactly what problem you’re having with the index page; can you describe it further?

However, I note that your files_dir is set to files. If that’s the setting you had on your production server, this is probably how you got hacked; it’s an unsafe setting (see the note in the config file: “This directory should not be directly web-accessible”). Make sure to move the files_dir somewhere outside the web root.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


While not someone from PKP themselves and just a third-party developer it looks like you’re using a Synology File Server which I’ve found sometimes can have issues with running third-party software. Personally I’d reconmend something such as cPanel and professional web hosts who provide features such as malware scanning,