Migrating the first 10 and half volumes from the old site to the current

Hi there. New Zealand Journal of Teachers’ Work used to be here (http://www.teacherswork.ac.nz/twjournal.php), but now it’s here https://teachworkojs.aut.ac.nz/autojs/index.php/nzjtw/index. I would like to migrate Vol 1(1) - Vol 11(1) from old to current, so we can get the old site closed down.

I also want to be in a position to backdate DOI’s, which I believe I will be able to do.

Is it simply a mechanical matter of downloading all the old issues and recreating them as back issues (and thus in archives) on the new site, or is there a more sophisticated process?

Thanks for the help.

Hi @lbenade,

There are several options. Have a look at this document:

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Great! Thanks for the help!

Dr Leon W Benade
Senior Lecturer
Director of Research
School of Education
AUT University