Migrating from WordPress to OJS for pubblication and indexing problems

For the past year, I have managed an academic journal website. Earlier this year we started using OJS for submission management, while publishing is via WordPress (and a plugin written specifically by the previous webmaster). But since the code is starting to get old, I would like to propose to the board to use OJS for publishing as well.
One problem with a possible migration concerns the indexing of already published articles.
If I replace the WordPress site with OJS, on which I will re-upload the articles, I might have problems for a few months on Google Scholar, since the previous links would be offline and the new ones on OJS would have to index.
Do you have any advice regarding how to best approach this migration?

Best regards,

Hi there. I also edit an academic journal using WordPress and I’m considering move to OJS. While I like the features of WordPress, I’m really struggling to find a good editorial workflow (submission through to acceptance). I was looking for a complete migration solution (i.e. move the entire journal to OJS, including publishing) but after reading your post I’m wondering if we should consider only using OJS for the editorial workflow. Can I ask why you want to shift publishing to OJS as well?