MIgrating from server to localhost

Hello everybody,

I have a question, I need to migrate my old OJS 2.3.7 to OJS 3. We already have an OJS version in windows server. I have copied my OJS directory that is in that server and I want running the OJS that is in server in my local host. I have XAMPP and Postgresql.

I modified some variables from config.inc.php file, setting the server configuration. When I entry to localhost/ojs in the website does not appear nothing. I don’t see errors.

my question: Is possible importing an OJS installation that is in server to a localhost? If the ans is positive, What files I need to modify?


Hi @Juan_Pablo_Giron_Rui

To run a local instance of OJS you need update your config.inc.php in Database parameters , base_url parameter and files_dir parameter. This last one in Windows file systems stack requires Drive and inverted slash (i.e.: C:\xampp\ …).

I am not a Xampp user, but it must have a LOG folder where you may also check error_log when you attempt to load your local OJS.

Hope it helps.


Hi @israel.cefrin Thanks a lot! I’ll try to do that.