Migrating to a new server

Continuing the discussion from Problems upgrading Database:

Hi Support, I have working on our servers running PHP 5.3.3. I am trying to migrate OJS, the files folder, and the database to a new server running PHP 5.5.21. After doing this I get a blank screen. The new config.inc.php file is configured correctly. Would this have anything to do with the higher PHP version? Any advice would be appreciated. - and yes I’ll be looking to update this old version of OJS once I get it going on its new server…

Some common issues with a blank screen on a new migration include:

  • The file permissions on your files_dir. The webserver must be able to read and write to this folder and subfolders.
  • The access to the mysql database. Make sure you have not just copied over the database, but ensure you have recreated the database user with appropriate read/write permissions as well.