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Hello, everyone,

I having some issues with Metadata reference textarea.
When i insert 81762 symbols (my reference list) into textarea and press “Extract and Save Reference”, it displays only 64178 (symbols in textarea) after when i save reference.

P.S. Having same issue when im trying to check article preview section. Reference list is same size (64178 symbols).

function initialize($request)
– var_dumping and still getting 64178 symbols –
$this->_submission = $this->getAuthorizedContextObject(ASSOC_TYPE_SUBMISSION);

Most likely problem is in core(?).

My reference: ojsreference/reference at master · Lzmog/ojsreference · GitHub


I tested this reference list in a clean install of OJS 3.1.1-4, running under Apache 2.2 / PHP 5.6 / MySQL 5.1.73.

I couldn’t replicate the problem.

What environment are you running under? Do you see any warnings or errors in the PHP error log or in the Web Inspector javascript console?

We are running on:
Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu)
PHP (cli)
mysql Ver 15.1 Distrib 5.5.57-MariaDB, for debian-linux-gnu (x86_64) using readline 5.2

Sorry, but there is no errors or warnings in console.
In XHR section im getting:

  • update-citattions
    content: true
    elementId: “0”
    events: null
    reloadContainer: true
    status: true
    tabsUrl: “https://[journals_webpage]/index.php/JCEM/$$$call$$$/modals/submission-metadata/issue-entry/fetch?submissionId=6604&stageId=5&tabPos=2&hideHelp=1”

  • fetchNotification
    content: “”
    elementId: “0”
    events: null
    status: true

  • fetch?submissionId=6640…

  1. content: “↵<script type=“text/javascript”>↵ // Attach the JS file tab handler.↵ $(function() {↵ $(’#newIssueEntryTabs’).pkpHandler(↵ ‘$’,↵ {↵ selected:2, tabsUrl:‘https://[journals_webpage]/index.php/JCEM/$$$call$$$/modals/submission-metadata/issue-entry/fetch-format-info?submissionId=6604&stageId=5’, tabContentUrl:‘https://[journals_webpage]/index.php/JCEM/$$$call$$$/tab/issue-entry/issue-entry-tab/galley-metadata?submissionId=6604&stageId=5’, emptyLastTab: true↵ });↵ });↵</script>↵<div id=“newIssueEntryTabs”>↵ <ul>↵ <li>↵ <a name=“submission” href=“https://[journals_webpage]/index.php/JCEM/$$$call$$$/tab/issue-entry/issue-entry-tab/submission-metadata?tab=submission&amp;submissionId=6604&amp;stageId=5&amp;tabPos=0”>Submission</a>↵ </li>↵ <li>↵ <a name=“catalog” href=“https://[journals_webpage]/index.php/JCEM/$$$call$$$/tab/issue-entry/issue-entry-tab/identifiers?tab=identifiers&amp;submissionId=6604&amp;stageId=5&amp;tabPos=1”>Identifiers</a>↵ </li>↵ <li>↵ <a name=“citations” href=“https://[journals_webpage]/index.php/JCEM/$$$call$$$/tab/issue-entry/issue-entry-tab/citations?tab=citations&amp;submissionId=6604&amp;stageId=5&amp;tabPos=2”>References</a>↵ </li>↵ </ul>”
  2. elementId: “0”
  3. events: null
  4. status: true

And here is picture where “textarea” section cut half of my reference text, where it should end with “Z” word author:

I was able to replicate this.

The initial paste and save is successful in parsing all references, but the references are truncated in the submissions.citations field, so any subsequent use of the “Extract and Save References” button clobbers the extracted references as well.

The submissions.citations field has a maximum length of 65535 bytes, as a text field.

The submissions.citations field could be extended to a mediumtext or longtext field to resolve this.

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It worked, Thank you!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!