<message /> string variables not showing on install via docker

Hi all,

While trying to install OJS in a docker container, I’ve noticed that not a single <message> element is replaced by the current string. (Screenshot attached)OJS-docker-message

Checking via CLI the directories cache/* and config.inc.php, they have the correct permissions (I even set 777 just for the sake of trying every chance).

Am I missing something regarding the placeholder variable replacement? I tried re installing locally and it’s working perfectly.

Thanks and regards Jose

Hi @Jose_Ares,

not familiar with dockers, but a problem could be not with the permissions for other files/directories. In particular to the messages above - they are stored in the lib/pkp/locale/en_US/installer.xml (if you are using English language). Can you check that?

Regards, Primož

Hi @primozs,

thanks very much, it was actually that mistake. For some reason that folder was wiped out.

Kind regards, Jose