mergeUsers.php error message


I am trying to feed a names.txt file to mergeUsers.php command line. It gives me an error for each entry in my list:

“Error: “spamAccountOne ^M” does not specify a valid user account”

At first I thought it was a carriage return issue due to the ^M at the end of each error log, so I created a new text file using vim in the SSH session. Gave me the same error message.

If I run the command line on a single account it works, just not when I use the method below recommended to feed it a names.txt list:

Hi @guitman444,

Are you using a shell script to feed the names into mergeUsers.php? If so, what are you using? (I still think the DOS line endings are the problem, but might be able to say more with more details.)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Hi all,
the problem is this DOS line endings, according with @asmecher.