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is it possible to have different menus for different catagoeries of announcements in OJS 3.0.10. For example, one category is related to news and other for small and brief announcements. Each category, type of announcements belongs/is associted to different menu?
Maybe, I can solve that issue by adding static page. Please let me know what is code to add static page and in which locale xml I have to add key for it.

Hi @vvucic

There are announcements types, but unfortunately, at the moment those announcement types/categories are not used at all, thus it is not possible to separate the announcements by types/categories and have all announcements of a category listed on a page :frowning: I made a new issue for that, s. Make use of announcement types · Issue #2222 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub, but this is lower priority for us at the moment.
You could create static pages and link to them from a custom block, for example, but those pages would be really static, i.e. they cannot read something dynamically and from locale files – you would have to enter the whole text and for each language manually there.


I can use custom block and put links in them. But, is it possible to add them as menu. OJS version 2. 4X have had that option in admin backend.
Is there any code that will be added to frontend template which will do that. I Guess there should be some translation key to that should be addedd to some xml so the title of menu can be read in multilingual setting. Please advise

Hi @vvucic

Currently there is no such functionality – like in the OJS 2.4.x, to add additional menu items – in OJS 3.x. The plan is to offer a drag-and-drop nav menu tool, with the ability to add a new static page from there as well, but no work has been done on this yet.
So either you would have to change a template manually and maintain those changes, or you would use the custom block at the moment.
Depending on what way you choose, and if you would need any further information, please just tell…



I am willing to add for now, manually code to template and I guess, coresponding locale xml tso it can appear in both languages i.e. Serbian and English.


When I add to
the lines

				<a href="{url router=$smarty.const.ROUTE_PAGE page="actual-events" }">
					{translate key="navigation.actual-events"}

nothing shows up in menu. I cleared cache but still nothing shows up. Any advise?

Well, I made it in the following way. I realized that bootsstrap theme does have its own folder with
So the changes should be done there instead to native OJS 3.0.110 localtion
I added in the bootsstrap’s template lines as above

I also made key
Actual Events
and addedd it to En-US locale.xml
After that I installed translator plugin and found that key in locale.xml
and translated. Now menu works fine

Great! Glad it worked! :-)))
And thanks for reporting it here for others :-)))

We are community :slight_smile: We have to support each other :slight_smile:

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