Members of the public can't enter an IP address when registering a new institutional subscription in OJS 3.1.1-4

I am on OJS 3.1.1-4 . When someone goes to register an institutional subscription at /user/payPurchaseSubscription/institutional , there isn’t any way to enter an IP address. Entering any IP address results in the error message “The selected subscription type requires a domain and/or an IP range for subscription authentication.” Then, the person has to put in a domain in order to register the subscription. If they put in both a domain and an IP address, only the domain will be saved with the subscription info.

The most closely related to Problems with domain and ip ranges after activating Manual Fee Payment in OJS – wrong error message , but different. That other one was about edit subscription. My issue is about registering a subscription.

Here are steps to recreate:

  1. On a journal that is set up for subscriptions (the one I am looking at is set up for manual payments)
  2. Log in as a user account that wants to subscribe to the journal (ie. not someone managing the journal), and go to /user/payPurchaseSubscription/institutional which should be a subscription screen
  3. Enter a correct IP address.
  4. The form rejects and gives this error message: “The selected subscription type requires a domain and/or an IP range for subscription authentication.”

It is possible to add both the domain and the IP address, but in that case, only the domain will save.

Here’s the error message and the IP I filled (any IP address or range even correctly formatted has this problem).


If the person trying to subscribe enters both an IP and a domain, then only the domain will save with the subscription. After the domain is added, the form will save the subscription, but it will only save the domain. If there is both a domain and an IP address, the form will not save the IP address. So, the person may think they have registered with a domain and an IP range, but they really only registered with a domain.

Is this fixed in any later versions? I am not seeing much activity on


The public facing URL actually calls a different form:


Work was recent done on this form’s validation for 3.1.2-1:

A quick read through of the issue leaves me thinking it might address your concern. Can you confirm?