Maximum space for upload directory exceeded


When I try to upload e new images jpg I get this error: “maximum space for upload directory exceeded” and I can’t upload any image. anymore.
Please help me.



Hi @Luciano_Correa

Could you post what software and version are you using and finding this error?
Often this message is more related to php.ini settings, for now, without a complete information about software I can only recommend you to check thread bellow which user has a similar issue you are reporting. Perhaps the solutions provided may helps you either.

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team


We have the same problem. We change maximun file size and post maximum size limit in phjp.ini but it’s still happening.
Help me, please
PHP 5.6.33


Hi @ManoliV

I think that this post in previous thread I mentioned may helps you:

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team


Hi, @israel.cefrin
Today we solve this problem. This problem is not due to php config.ini cause we can´t load any file whatever its size. It´s one limit of 25 MB of image uploader configuration (into TinyMCE plugin). You have to delete the users files in public/site/images/me/ or, I suppouse, changes the limit in config.php.
Manoli V.


Just edit this file:


Change line 46:

$config[‘max_upload_dir_size’] = 25000;

to this:

$config[‘max_upload_dir_size’] = 2500000;

And you will have 2.5 gb of maximum space.

Hope it helps


Hello everyone!

Very usefull answer @rodrigo_snape but I have a question. Where is the upload directory that the plugin? I want to see what is inside the folder.

Thank you in advance.




There is a “global” upload folder for all images that an user uploads.

If the user is rodrigo then the path is:


The trick part is that if the user NEVER uploaded an image the folder doesn’t exists. It ll be created (automatically) after the users uploads something.

Hope it helps


Hi @rodrigo_snape

Thank you so much, I found it.

Regards. Diego.