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I was wondering how can I install the plugin Mathjax which enable Math symbols on OJS. Recently some one made the plugin in the following link but he did not explain how it has to install on OJS.

I have install this plugin in the directory Plugins/generic and active it but it does not work. Any help?

Hi @msshd,

Please see this topic: MathJax in OJS 3.0.1

Amanda Stevens
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In this post did not talk about my question. Any other help?

Could be that you have to run php tools/upgrade.php upgrade for the plugin to be registered properly. After that you could check if you can see the mathJax scripts being called in the source code. If they are called, then the problem could be with the allowed_html settings in your I am not a mathematician so I do not recall what the markup actually looks like. But it could get filtered out with the default allowed_html settings.

I have update and check the plugin but does not work.

do you see the script tags in your site source code? It could just be that the plugin is not working, have you tried contacting the author?

Actually I don’t understand what you mean. What is script tag?

I mean if you go for example to a article page on your site and look at the source code, can you find the mathjax script being called in the header?

The plugin basically tries to add links to the script (it is all it does basically).

Thanks for reply. I get a screenshot you can see it below it appears that ajax script added but does not work.

The script the plugin tries to add is this:

I see, and this script does not inserted to my OJS. Anyway is there any way I can add the script to the source cod of OJS manually?

You could do it at least in three ways:

But as I said above, I am not sure if this is enough. OJS has a setting in for allowed html tags and it will remove all other tags from for example the abstract. So you will probably have to deal with as well. Also, I am not sure how the tinymce editor OJS is using for text editing supports math. So make sure you start with something simple.

Oh yes, one more thing.

After you activate the mathjax plugin, did you clear the OJS cache? You may have to do that.

Yes I did and clear caches.

I saw that you asked the plugin author about this so maybe better to wait for his answer, or you could try adding the script to the places I mentioned above just to see if you can get math working.

Dear Anjyga, Thanks for your help and suggestions. Let see the Author what will answer regarding this issue.

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If the author has replied, please inform about it. We also need math editor.