Match reviewers to submissions based on reviewer interests and the submission keywords/categories

Dear all,

Describe the problem you would like to solve:
We would like a way to match reviewers to submissions based on reviewer interests and the submission keywords/categories.

Describe the solution you’d like:
Allow the editors to define a list of categories in order to: (1) authors associate their submissions to a subset of this list; (2) the editor may change the subset associated to a submission; (3) reviewers associate their reviewing interests to a subset of this list. Moreover, (4) this feature would also include an update on the reviewer assignment menu, namely, it should appear the editors whose categories match with the submission categories; or at least those that better match the submission subset should appear at the top.

Who is asking for this feature?
Journal Editors.

Thank you

I would vote for this if I had any vote left (@rcgillis - why do we have only 5 votes to spend in a whole lifetime?). Article submission systems of large publishing houses have such a system.

Hi @mpbraendle,

It should be 6 for active members of the forum, as outlined here:

However, as noted, this could be potentially expanded. @asmecher, as per this note in the blog post:

We continue to discuss the voting policy with our community and may choose to change the number of votes that are allowed.

  • has expanding the number of votes allowed been discussed recently?

PKP Team

Not defending, just explaining why it was done this way: Infinite votes will make voting system less clear about the real needs of the community. I mean, a limited number of votes makes people decide what is a real prority to them.

Votes could be changed (if a new FR raises and it’s more important to you than former ones) and are recovered if the FR is implemented or archived.

If 5, 6 is fine or whe need 10… it’s also something arbitrary that could be discussed.
If somebody disagrees, please open a forum post (general channel) so we can talk there.


This is a wrong assumption. I decide for each feature request whether it is worth supporting, and some don’t deserve my vote and don’t get it. This is irrespective of the number of votes I have. Why should other people not behave the same? One just can’t know in the very moment whether there will be further feature requests in the future that are more important.

Being a citizen of a country where there are lot of votes and elections, I’m very sensitive to this topic. Or what would you think if your country prescribes that one just has 10 votes or another fixed number of votes during your whole lifetime? How are you able to decide which are the important voting topics and elections then?

Anyway, the total number of forum users and the number of votes a feature request obtains shows that there is highly biased distribution of users who vote. So those who are really engaged shouldn’t be penalised.

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I understand… although I’m not sure if I full agree. I mean, personaly, as a community member, I would be more concerned about how the FR are managed/priorized than in how many votes I have.

But, to keep the thread on topic, would you mind moving your argument (or this post itself) to a new thread in the traditional forum and we’ll talk about it there in the open so anyone can weigh in?

Or even as a separate FR post if you prefer.