Masthead title not replaced

i am using latest version In the version text displayed here like this “##manager.masthead.title##”

Can you check my attachments

Same situation in our case for masthead. When I click on Settings>Journal, it takes too long (cca 2 minutes) to load the page.

Also, sidebar management layout (add item) is corrupted

Hi @sathyarajo,

Can you check your error log for errors?

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

I have checked my error log.Nothing is there.
I think this is version problem

It looks like it could be a locale problem, since the Masthead title comes from the manager.xml file in the Locale folder. There has been an issue created for it on Github, so you can monitor progress and solutions there: ##manager.masthead.title## not displayed properly · Issue #3225 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

I am not able to get that version code.
Can you please update bug free code in pkp application