Manuscript Theme problem


When I converting to the Arabic language, the right side of the page will lock and can not do anything to its contents.


Hello @NateWr
Please help me.


I fixed some rtl style problem of manuscript theme (including your problem) and also OJS backend. I hope it will be useful for you.

and maybe its possible to added in the ojs main style by the developer team.
@NateWr, @asmecher


Thanks for raising this issue @wesambhaya. I’ve fixed this now and the fix will go out with the next update to the theme – usually when there is a release of OJS 3.

If you want to integrate the fix without waiting, you can see the changes that are required in the following commit:


Thank you sir @Azerilatama, it is perfect.


Thank you @NateWr
It needs to be responsive. It works when zoom large than 90%.


@wesambhaya can you describe the problem you’re having in more detail and include a screenshot?