Manuscript File not uploading

Im editorial manager of an international science journal and using OJS for manuscript submission and tracking. My version is OJS 2.4.2.
I’m complained by some authors that submission system drag them back to step 1 after uploading the main manuscript file in step 2. And still when they proceed to step 2 again file does not appear there.
File size is 18 mb. I tried with very small files. They are uploading successfully.

Im not technical person so please help me get out of this trouble.


Hi @shafique,

I’d suggest checking your server’s error log to see if there’s anything useful there.

You might also try uploading a large file, if you think the problem might be related to file size limitations. There are configuration files that set limits to file uploads, both for PHP and for your web server (typically Apache), but no specific settings for OJS. You’d need to check what the web server and PHP limits are in their configuration files. There’s an OJS FAQ entry about this.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team