Manual Payment Plugin

Someone Deleted the Manual Payment Plugin of our OJS system. I have been trying to figure out how to get files from GIT hub or another copy of OJS, but I don’t know where the files for the manual plugin are located. I was wondering if someone could help me by telling us where they are located and the best way to re add Manual Payments to our OJS system.
I appreciate your help.

Hi @MiamiCTE,

You’re not seeing the plugin in the plugin gallery? That is the ideal way to install it.

PKP Team

Hi @MiamiCTE / @rcgillis,

Not all plugins are packaged and made available via the Plugin Gallery; the Manual Payment Plugin comes with OJS, so we haven’t distributed it through the gallery.

The best way to retrieve a plugin that comes with OJS but has been deleted from your installation is to download the OJS .tar.gz that matches your version. The manual payment plugin is in plugins/paymethod/manual. Take that entire directory from the .tar.gz file and put it in the same place in your installation. (Make sure to take a complete backup before working with installation files!)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team