Mandatory Review Forms not Mandatory

I just updated our review form naming it July 2015, and when I tested it on a new review I assigned myself, it requires I use the form for that section. But when I log in as one reviewer who had previously been assigned a review, I see that it isn’t requiring her to use the form. She had also had this problem herself with the “old” form, which was the required form for that section but wasn’t showing. Instead, for her then and now only the 2 box general review form showed. I’m not sure why this is: Is it that if the reviewer accepts a review prior to the review form being updated, only the “old” review form is relevant? Should I re-activate old review forms on the theory that any review form is better than none?

Hi @reflections,

Creating a review form and assigning it to a section won’t change already-assigned reviews; you’ll need to do that manually.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team