Mandatory mail in user registration OJS

I Think that there should be way to remove option that e-mail is mandatory for user registration in OJS because when we enter very old articles we have to put invalid mails since either there was no mail at the time or author passed away. If we put fake mail than we can be registered as spammer and our server will have poor reputation.
I Guess that solution is to give us option to not enter mail in those cases.
Please let us know how we can remove in the current code that e-mail is mandatory.


Hi @vvucic,

This is a longstanding feature request that we haven’t gotten around to implementing yet. OJS assumes in a few areas that it will be able to use author emails, and it would be necessary to review these cases and consider contingencies for when emails are not available. Until we do that, I’d suggest using a placeholder email (e.g. a journal contact).

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team