Managing DOIs in Server Migration

We are moving one of our journals from a single-journal OJS installation on one subdomain to a multi-journal OJS installation on another (, and I am trying to ascertain the best practice/workflow for preserving the integrity of the existing DOIs. There seems to be little explicit information about this, however, so I wanted to get feedback from anyone who may have done a similar migration and who might have more insight. It seems as though both of the following methods would work:

Method 1–

  1. Export XML for all needed articles via Native XML plugin.
  2. Unpublish all exported articles in the old installation.
  3. Import XML for all needed articles to new installation via Native XML plugin.
  4. Use Crossref plugin to re-deposit DOIs.

This assumes that the original DOI has come over intact in the imported XML, but that the old URL information has been overwritten with the new URLs as part of the import process. I haven’t been able to find documentation confirming that that is the case, however.

Method 2–

  1. Use the QuickSubmit plugin to manually re-create article(s) from the old installation on the new one.
  2. Change settings in the DOI plugin to enable individual DOI suffixes.
  3. Manually enter the old DOI(s) in the re-created article metadata.
  4. Repeat for all needed articles.
  5. Unpublish all affected articles on the old installation.
  6. Publish all affected articles on the new installation.
  7. Use Crossref plugin to re-deposit DOIs for all affected articles.
  8. Set the DOI plugin back to “Use default patterns.”

Does this sound accurate? Are there pitfalls I am not perceiving?