Manager role for Administrator


I have set up an ojs v2.4.6 site. I was wondering how I can give the administrator a manager role. I can manipulate db if needed.

OK. It seems this insert to db worked:

insert into roles (journal_id,user_id,role_id) values ([journal_id],1,1);


But this caused a big problem. I can not see any of the existing users anymore as an admin/manager. Please advise.


For those not wanting to edit the database directly, the way to enroll a user through the UI (including the administrator), is:

  • User Home →
    • Journal Management →
      • Enroll a User from this Site in this Journal →
        • “Search” for the User
        • Select the role in “Enroll user as”
        • Click the “Enroll” link next to the user