Malware warning notification on hosting


I received email from my hosting company, below is screenshot. Please guide because they want to remove file.


can i remove these files because they asking these file generating spams. I am using OJS version:

These files are not related to OJS.

Thanks @NateWr please guide that i delete complete indicated folders or only files because folders have other files as well?

None of the files or folders shown in your screenshot are related to OJS. I can’t advise you on what to delete or not to delete. I can only tell you that those files and folders are not related to OJS.

@hussainyousaf I would suggest to check your settings in regards to security concerns. If public_html is used by your OJS installation, you might want to have a look at documentation on how to secure your system:
Also keep in mind that if you are running an OJS version that old you might need to apply security patches. The Downloads page has links to the related issues:
For the version you mentioned you would need [Security issue #5302 #5871] - Usually somewhere in the issue description you will find information on how to apply the patches.