Making Changes in OJS takes 1 day to Apply

hi, my name is fawwaz. i need your help to solve my problem
recently i have project to make ojs web. i did some little changes to website setting, uploading logo and changing color, but my website need to take 1 day to apply those changes. at first i ignore the fact that the changes i made dont apply, but 1 day later i open my ojs web and i see changes. now i need to change access site . i was hoping to make this changes directly. please help. thank you
this is my ojs web link

i only using default theme, but making some changes really takes some times

The changes would have been made immediately. However, it must be your browser’s cache which would still show the old things. Press Ctrl and f5 together to clear the cache, after you have made the changes. Also please note that if you have applied/uploaded a new .css in the website, it will take some time to reflect.

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hey thanks its works
its bizzare though cuz iam sure i did check that in another PC the other day.
anyway thanks very much Mr.varshilmehta

Hi @Ahmad_Fawwaz

Another important action to take is clear system cache (is an option in OJS).
When logged in:
Administration > Clear Template Cache

This should clear current system cache in server.

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team

Halo Mr. israel.cefrin .thanks for your feedback. i think thats crucial too in this case, but does it give much effect for newly written OJS web? cuz i dont use template in my page, only the default one. thanks