'Make Submission' button behavior on selecting a different language

Hi guys,

i am using OJS version 3.0.2. I am facing a scenario in which when I am selecting a different language from the sidebar, the make submissions button label changes from ‘Make submission’ to ‘##plugins.block.makeSubmission.linkLabel##’.

Can someone help me with the possible reason behind such value and a way to fix it?


The Make submission block plugin is missing the locale you are using.

The current locales are here: https://github.com/pkp/makeSubmission/tree/master/locale

Thanks Ajnyga.

The problem is I don’t see a locale for pt_BR and pt_PT (in the github link) and nor a folder for the same in the makeSubmission/locale directory. Can you help with a link which contains the locale.xml for the mentioned locale as well.


Well it seems that the block is not translated to the locales you use. You could do the translation yourself and also send the translation to PKP. There are only a couple of lines I think.

Sounds like a great idea. Thanks ajnyga

@mtub is the person to contact if you have translation related questions.