Make reviews visible to other reviewers? (OJS

Is there any option to make submitted reviews automatically visible to other reviewers assigned to the same paper who have also submitted their reviews?

If not automatically, is there a way that the handling editor can make the reviews visible to all reviewers once the reviews have been received?

The goal of this is to facilitate discussion among the reviewers without relying on the handling editor to copy-paste the reviews into a new discussion.

We are using Open Journal Systems

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Hi @Ingmar_Weber,

It is not currently possible to show reviews to other reviewers. It has been suggested by other users and could possibly be added as a feature of open review sometime in the future. There are so many levels of “open” in open reviews that it is difficult to provide a single set of features that everyone thinks should be included in “open.” You can see what open review enhancement features PKP developers are currently working on here. Please feel free to add your comments or create another issue for this particular feature.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team