Main site and second journal only show white blank page


I have OJS which is installed via Softaculous. I installed two journals on it.

Main site URL:
1st Journal: SAPA - Jurnal Kateketik dan Pastoral
2nd Journal:

Today I realized that the main site and the second journal could not be accessed (only showing a white blank page). The first journal is alright.

I have opened the error_log and I can not understand what happen. I am relatively new with OJS.

Could you help me, please?

Hi @idoeb,

Is upgrading an option for you? I mention that because OJS version 3.1 is no longer supported. It would be beneficial for you to upgrade your OJS instance, and it may help to address this issue (although that is not guaranteed). Some other community members may be able to assist you in addressing your issue if you are not able to upgrade.

Best regards,

PKP Team