Mail not sending or Receiving

We have got a new mail with domain “”. However we are unable to send or receive mails through OJS System. Do we have to set up anything in OJS system to make it work?

Is the email address used as a bounce address? If so, you will need to set it up in the config file of your OJS distribution. Also check your spams. The php mail() function can be filtered by the server and emails moved directly to spams.

Hi @dwangdi,

Please take a look at PKP Administrator’s Guide - Email section for more information on how to set up an email on OJS.

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Patricia M.
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no not bounce address. we have hosted the mail server at the ISP where as the OJS system is hosted in our own server. and when i send the mail using OJS system, i am unable to send.

As the mail server and OJS system is hosted entirely in different server, do i need to configure the postfix in the server where OJS is hosted or it should be done in the server where mail server is hosted.