Mail does not work OJS 3.0.2


My OJS 3.0.2 does not send mails neither with smtp nor with php mail function. I do not get any error message on the screen. please advise.
I installed postfix, changed settings in php.ini, restarted apache…
When I want to send mail by using phpmail I send mail to user, spinner is spinning and message window disappear without error message but mail is not received.
The same happens when I choose to use smtp. teh spinner was spinning a couple of seconds, message window disappears but mail is not received.
Please advise

You can look at mail.log to find errors there.

Hello, So far it is something between DNS and Postfix configuration. I will let you know if I find something interesting for the OJS community.


Hi @vvucic,
I have the same problem… any solution?

Firstly check with server administrator is mail server configured properly and if there is something in its error log.

Thank you! everything seems to be correct, and we still can not send the emails. We are paralyzed with this problem

There must be in email error log message. Do you use smtp?

You might want to check this OJS 3.0.2 does not send mails (PHP Mail function) - #18 by Lazar_Stosic
The same problem I had