Lots of fake names in registered emails

The subscriber list for our journal has been increased by lots of fake email addresses. I realise the registration process is very simple with no anti-robot measures. Is this the problem? How can I stop further fake sign ups? Using OJS 3.02 bootstrap. Also, is there a way of deleting registered users in bulk??

Hi @gail

I suggest you to enable Google Recaptcha feature to avoid robots or scripts to register on your journal.
To remove users in bulk mode you can use php tools/mergeUsers.php [username1] [username2] , where:
username1 = a user account to receive undesired accounts
username2 = user account to be removed when merging.

You can write a script running through an array and merging all users line by line.

Hope it helps.


How do I enable Google Recaptcha? Thank you.

Gail Simon, D.Prof


Murmurations. Journal of Transformative Systemic Practice


Hi @gail

You can check on this link how to enable it: