Looking for a professional

Hi everyone,

I am a professor in the Philosophy Department of UFRGS (Brazil).Our research group is interested in the Open Monograph Press and Open Conference Press.

We are looking for someone whou would provide installation and customization services on our university computers. Would you indicate someone in Brazil who could do this kind of work?


Hello @Lia_Levy,

If you are interested in hosting services, you may wish to contact PKP hosting services: https://services.pkp.sfu.ca However, we do not offer OCS hosting services, and are not based in Brazil. You may also wish to try Scielo: https://scielo.org/en/about-scielo/contact/ - they are based in Brazil. However, I cannot speak to their hosting offerings, but they may be able to provide you with other appropriate information. Best of luck in getting started with your Conference/Monograph hosting.

PKP team

Hi @Lia_Levy,

IBICT is helping national institutions and they have published this user guide: https://pucpress.pucpr.br/index.php/pucpress/catalog/book/130

I think you can probably reach out to them and ask for their help. If they can’t help, maybe they can point to someone who can.

Hope this helps!

The university team responsible for keeping the local OJS installation running might be able to give you some pointers:


I also noticed that the university press is affiliated with the Scielo Books program, so it might be easier to use that instead of setting up OMP:


Finally, try the forum hosted at the national institute for information in S&T (IBICT):


Hope any of that helps.


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