Login URL gives 404

I am running 2.4.8 of OJS. I haven’t logged in as Admin for a while, and suddenly I find that clicking the Login button goes to http://SERVER.ucc.ie/ojs/login/signIn which is 404, so I cannot sign in as admin to fix anything inside OJS!

What is the correct login URI, and why does this one suddenly not work?

Did you try


That certainly works…thanks very much indeed. That will get us over the hump of editors not being able to login.

We still have the problem of URIs like the ojs/login/signin not being found, though. As they are in links generated by OJS, I am concerned that the whole usage of OJS here is going to be affected by this, as journals won’t want to use a system that so obviously fails to generate working URIs. I need to find out what the URIs ought to be, and create a list of rewrites to handle them.