Login shortecode OJS3


Is there a shortecode to display the login form into a page? I would like to add a reviewer menu item to get to the login page directly. Thanks.

Do you have in upright corner Login link?


Yes I do Im using Manusript theme, what I need is to add a reviewer as a the navigation menu item when you click on it the login form will display.

If someone is user with reviewer role as soon as he/she will login OJS will automatically show pages for reviewer account. Thus, it is not needed to do anything else since the system will check whether reviewer role is associated with that user.

Yes I understood that part and I a have explained them that already but im working with board that need a reviewer menu item. I was wondering if a shortecode could be use to display the login form into a page so I can add that menu.

I guess that is possible but I do not see any shorter way of login except that Login is on front page and that checking of role is automatically done. So, it is one step only for user.
I understand your position. Try to explain them once again that this is shortest way.
As much you customize the system it will be harder to maintain it for upgrades since you have to make evidence of allchanges, files, and what else happens in new version if some functions are changed etc. If you are not experienced developer or software administrator I would not suggest too much customizations. However, it is up to you. I work with several boards and I was asked teh same questions. But, it is always good to make system optimal. The vast majority of things in the system are by default very useful. Some adjustmenst may be needed in workflow and some settings, but the rest is part of editorial policies and much less about technical things.
This is my modest opinion. However, it is up to you and editorial board to make decision.

I got and thank you for your input. i will talk to them again and see.