Log in as user enabled on review stage

Hello all,

One feature that would speed up production would be to enable “log in as user” for adm/jm/editors on users involved with the submission.

When journals fall behind on publishing, like we are, we depend on special issues to restore frequency. Sometimes, these issues are not run on the system but, rather, organized by a third party group, who delivers the approved papers.

When we had our system crash, we sent out articles to an invited editor so that the review process could continue until we fixed the system. Now, we are restoring historical data, as well as resuming editorial process, especially for late submissions that may help us fill the few gaps of previous years we have.

Excessive clicks and browser pages makes the process very tiresome, confusing and plain boring, especially when you need speed and your internet is slow or intermittent.

Anyway, I my reasons may be shallow, but thought it would be a good addition to the system, if possible.

What software and version are you running?

I know this is an existing feature in OJS 2.4.x, available to the Administrator and to Journal Managers.
User Home → Journal Manager → Users Enrolled in this Journal

Is this aligned with what you are describing?

Hello @ctgraham,

Sorry I wasn’t clear.
I’m on 1.4.8.
The feature is available, but you need to go back to JM > Users, search the user and log in as that user, log off as the user, go back as Editor and return to the submission review stage.

What I’m suggesting is improving on the feature, so that it be available on the review stage of the submission.

For example, a link beside the name of the reviewer assigned, just like “Assign review form”, instead of having to keep a browser window for JM, one for Editor, etc.