Localizing OMP to Arabic

Hello friends,

Knowing that OJS3 and OMP are built on the same architecture, and since OJS3 is a multilanguage ready from the ground up, leading to having OJS3 readily available in Arabic being a straight forward process: http://ojs.maktabat-guides.com

Looking at the OMP Languages page, the Arabic language is not included as the case for OJS3 Lnaguage page. If we are ready to provide the Arabic translation of OMP UI and documentation, what is required to enable OMP localization to Arabic.

We have installed a copy of omp at: http://omp.maktabat-guides.com, and would appreciate some hints from PKP engineers on the best approach to enable Right-to-Left support in OMP as done with OJS3.

Massoud AlShareef
KnowledgeWare Technologies Est.

Hi @massoudalshareef,

Tagging @mtub, as he manages translations for us.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Looking forward to hear @mtub thoughts.

Massoud AlShareef

Hi @massoudalshareef,

right now there is no Arabic translation of OMP. Some of the translation has already been done via the shared web library (code shared by OJS and OMP). Maybe you want to get in touch with the Arabic translator, see https://pkp.sfu.ca/wiki/index.php?title=OJS:Arabic(ar_IQ).

If you want to suggest translations of OMP, the best way is to create the Arabic locale files (XML files) corresponding with the en_US locale files you can find on GitHub. Please use the master branch of OMP as the base for your translation. You could then upload your translation to your GitHub repository and send a pull request. There is some information in the PKP wiki on how to submit updates via GitHub, but feel free to get in touch if you need more information.

Hello Marco @mtub ,

Thank you for your response. Yes, we would like to provide the Arabic locale files (XML files) for OMP corresponding with the en_US locale files. As you have suggested, we will use the master branch of OMP as the base for our translation, then we will upload the translation to our GitHub repository and send a pull request.

We already have provided the Arabic XML files for OJS UI. These are our own XML files used in this site: Arabic OJS (http://ojs.maktabat-guides.com). However, we had to copy our XML files over those Arabic XML files that were installed by default with OJS.

What about the Right-to-Left handling of OMP UI ? Is providing the Arabic OMP XML files, corresponding with the en_US locale files, is all what’s needed to have the UI in R2L? Is OMP 3.1 ready for R2L support once the Arabic local files are uploaded to OMP master branch ?

I have looked at the PKP wiki, as in this, and I found most of the text there is about the OXS 2.x.

Massoud M. AlShareef,

Hi @massoudalshareef,

sorry, I should have been more specific - my wiki reference was to https://pkp.sfu.ca/wiki/index.php?title=Github_Documentation_for_PKP_Contributors. If you know your way around git and GitHub, this shouldn’t be a problem. Most common issue: don’t include files that come from another repository and are imported as submodules (in OMP, e.g. plugins/generic/translator, plugins/generic/customBlockManager and others). These should go to the respective repositories of the plugins.

There’s also no immediate need to continuously merge back the master branch into your translation branch, if you don’t have to. As long as you are only working on the locale XML files, there’s also no need for submodule commits as described in the wiki page.

If you have any updates for pkp-lib, please try to get in touch with our Arabic translator of OJS. This is shared code, and we want the translation to stay consistent.