Localization for the input field "Publisher"

Hi again! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: When I got the site, it already had some localization of the fields in different languages, but when I wanted to do something similar for the “Publisher” field.
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I thought that simply replacing “getPublisher” to “getLocalizedPublisher” would help, since function getLocalizedPublisher () was already written, but nothing happened
Please tell me how to do this for the “Publisher” field?

See Publisher name in multilingual journals

I correctly understand that now it is impossible? and need to fill the main language. but which language should be the main one, if there are more than one? :disappointed_relieved:
Do you need to use English as an international language or as a local language?

I also do not understand why it is impossible to make this field (and some other fields) multilingual, but to CrossRef and other organizations mentioned in the Publisher name in multilingual journals topic do export from one selected field, for example from the field with English.

It is not technically impossible. I guess you could change that to a multilingual field and always user the primary locale for exports where only one locale is accepted.

At the moment I have instructed our journals to fill the field using the primary locale of their journal.