List of archives titles

we use OJS and have a problem with one article.
In the archive only the article with ID 49 has an double item.

Here a screenshot:

Any ideas, where is the bug? Or where I can delete one of the item?

Best regards

Hi @graupp,

I suspect there’s either a data error in your database, or a bug in the SQL query that fetches the list. I’m certain that attempting to remove one of the two articles will result in both disappearing – there’s actually only one article, it’s just being listed twice.

Are you handy with SQL? If so, I’d suggest (temporarily) enabling the debug option in This will cause all SQL queries to be dumped to the browser. Then reload the page showing the double entry, and near the end of the listing you’ll find the SQL query that’s responsible for generating the list of submissions. Try gradually reducing the number of joins in the query, executing it in a SQL client, until the duplicate goes away. That join will indicate where the problem is introduced.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team