List incomplete submissions (OJS 3)


I am running OJS 3.0.2.
I searched across the forum to check if it is possible for any of the following roles - Journal manager, Journal editor, Section editor, Guest editor - to list all ongoing submissions by other authors in the Dashboard.
This is very useful for a journal like ours who has a deadline for submitting to a specific issue. Listing incomplete submissions would let us monitor the potential number of authors expected to submit a proposal for the said issue, and eventually to email those authors to inquire on the state of advancement of their article.

I found that there was a bug fixed in OJS 3 listed as:

#2089# List incomplete submissions in the managers active submissions lists see php-lib issues 2089 and 2090, but this refers to a quite different situation.

I prepared a “fake” incomplete submission (up to step 4. before “Finish submission”).
The incomplete submission is correctly listed as “Incomplete” in the author’s submission tab under “My authored”, but nothing is showing up when logged in as journal manager.
Any help would be most welcome to understand if and how I could run such a feature.

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EDIT: should this go into feature requests?


I think that this was not even possible in OJS2, but could be a nice feature.

There is some discussion regarding the lists in github: Add filtering options to new submissions list · Issue #2612 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

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Thank you @ajnyga,
Any chance this specific functionality can be backported to 3.0.2 ? I could not found a clear set of code changes associated with it in the Github posts…

I think that it is part of larger changes in OJS so backporting to 3.0.2 is probably a lot work. But 3.1 is due in October!

I’ve just noticed that with the latest upgrade this feature has been added and I can now see incomplete journal submissions in my Active List. Surely this is a privacy protection issue as those authors may never follow through with their submission and I surely should not be able to see this detail until they have hit the submit button. This function has no additional benefit to me - just adding to my list.


We did add incomplete submissions to the list during a recent rewrite of the submission list code; there’s a search filter to exclude them if you’d rather. I don’t see a privacy issue here, though – can you expand on that?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team