Links to some articles not working for unregistered users

We are a charity based in Poland starting to use OJS for our open journal on child abuse “Dziecko Krzywdzone” (version language Polish)
Recently we saw a serious problem. For registered user everything works fine but for unregistered user most links to articles are not working and refer to journal homepage. For some articles everything works fine but they are in minority?
What can cause this? We would be very grateful for help in fixing this problem.

Hi @szymon.wojcik,

Are you handy with MySQL? Try checking the status of an affected article by running the following query:

SELECT status FROM articles WHERE article_id=123;

…replacing 123 with the ID of the article you want to check. Try comparing the status of a properly-functioning article with the status of one that shows the problem you describe.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team