Link to help text for "Ensuring Blind Review" not opening

Dear all,

I have a journal upgraded from OJS2 to 3.1.1-4 now. In the submission preperation checklist is a bullet point saying:

If submitting to a peer-reviewed section of the journal, the instructions in <a href="javascript:openHelp('')">Ensuring a Blind Review</a> have been followed.

However, the link does not work (i.e. nothing happens). Is the link outdated or did I miss to enable a functionality?

Any help is appreciated!

Best Regards,


Hi Adrian,

Can you open a javascript console in your browser and click the link? If you get an error, that would be helpful.


Hi Jason,

thanks for the quick response. The console tells me:

ReferenceError: openHelp is not defined

Aha. Okay, so it looks like there may have been a customization that was not ported over because the openHelp() JavaScript function no longer exists. I’d suggest editing the help text and maybe making that a regular link instead, perhaps opening in a new tab or window, instead of a popup.


First I have to say that this item in the checklist was pregenerated (at least I think so). So I had nothing to do with it’s installation.
That being said: The link is broken. It causes a 404 error.

Is there a way to link to the standard OJS Ensuring Blind Review phrases that are provided?

Yes, you can edit the submission checklist in Settings → Workflow → Submission. There will be a grid with each checklist item and an edit action below them.


I am having the same problem, but when I go to my submission workflow there is not option to readd or reset. It is already in the checklist with a broken link. Do you know what the good link I should be using is?