Link pointing to wrong PDF

We discovered that a link in our issue 37(2) was pointing to the wrong PDF. In addition, the PDF was posted in the wrong issue, 38(1).

Normally, I’d think this was due to human error. However, we had a few issues like this in the past, so I’ve made a habit to check all the links several times before and after publication. I also asked a staff member to review all links on the site this spring, and she didn’t find any errors. We haven’t published any issues since December, so no one has been manipulating the issues from our end. I’m just wondering if there’s any possibility this was due to an error in OJS? Thank you

What OJS version are you using?

Did you check that the right issue is uploaded through the admin dashboard?

We are using The problem was on both the user side and in the admin dashboard.

I asked a different staff member to look through all our links, and she found in a recent issue 37(1), there was no PDF link at all for one of the articles. 2 people checked the links at publication, and another checked all links this Spring, so it’s just not possible that we all missed seeing that link. It was also sent to authors at that time. I’m not sure what is causing the problem.

Hi @jaskoog,

What theme are you using (is it a default one?)
Is recommended articles by author plugin enabled?
Do you see errors in the php logs when encountering with this problem?

Sorry for the long delay. We’re using the default theme. Recommended articles by author plugin is not enabled. No errors in php logs to report.


Hi @jaskoog

So, the PDF galley is actually attached in the dashboard, but no one has done it, right?

The PDF galley is attached, and staff have processed and published it.

Hmm, I’m trying to understand. The PDF galley was attached to the issue from a dashboard by the staff. But on the front-end the link to the PDF was wrong; it was pointing to another galley from another issue. But, once again, on the dashboard all is OK - PDFs are attached properly, right?

I’m asking this because in this case it can be possible that somehow the link for the PDF wasn’t generated properly by the code.

The back end and the user end match. However, PDFs are showing up in the wrong issues (on both the back and user end). It’s possible that it’s human error, but we’ve had this problem before. I’ve had staff look through every link in every issue on the user end, and all links go to the correct PDF. Then, we get an email from an author who has found a link going to the wrong PDF. This has happened a few different times, which makes me wonder if there is some problem other than human error.